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Project Description

Virtual 8085 is a tool which enables students to run programs written in 8085 assembly language on a personal computer instead of a microprocessor kit. Virtual 8085 do not actually simulate the real hardware of Intel 8085, but it interprets the 8085 assembly language programs.

When we study the C language, we always have a compiler and a computer to practice our programs at home. In case of 8085 microprocessor and its assembly language it is totally different. If we write an 8085 assembly language program, we have to test it or run it on a microprocessor kit kept in our college labs. And for no reason one would want to purchase a costly microprocessor kit to study at home.

Also, Virtual 8085 updates the graphical user interface (GUI) after each instruction, so that students understand what each instruction performs. Virtual 8085 also provide real time help for the instruction which the programmer is currently typing. Another useful feature is syntax highlighting which enables better readability of program. Virtual 8085 do not need to take the program in form of op-codes, it understands mnemonics.

More recently added features are "interfacing" and "timing diagrams".

Use V 8085 and I am sure you will like it!

Know more about Virtual 8085 @ Virtual 8085 blog

I have hosted the source code at GitHub. Please view the source code there.

This short video will help you understand what is Virtual 8085

Following are a few screenshots:

Source WindowTiming Diagram

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